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GROW Self-worth so you have the ability to regenerate your Self, your relationships, your business and your environment.

- Tiega

Life Coach for conscious living, building self confidence and self worth, Tiega

By Tiega...

Coaching for self-worth and bold authenticity, by me, Tiega.

Helping conscious humans and business owners find confidence and clarity in who they are, what they do and how they show up in the world.

We are all worthy of success, sometimes it takes another set of eyes, or a new approach to help you find it.

With years of experience in coaching, counselling health and fitness, and business Tiega pushes you to embrace your authentic self boldly, live in integrity with your values, and achieve your goals with grace.

Enabling freedom from self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and negative self-image, you will learn to lean in and make the courageous change towards wholehearted self-acceptance and success within both personal and professional ventures. 

Nothing can compare to that thriving and radiant life.

Coaching timeline to bold authenticity

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