Tiega Orr. Life Coach for Personal and Business wellbeing.

Hello, I’m Tiega.

I grew up on the South Coast of NSW Australia, surrounded by nature, and next to the ocean. As a result, I have always been in awe of Mother Earth and intrigued by the beings, human and other, who inhabit her.
From as young as 8, I have trained horses and dogs, often 'troubled' animals deemed dangerous. Being able to nurture and teach these scared creatures to trust, become calm and confident in themselves and their surroundings has instilled in me a love of breaking the barriers of fear to find the confidence that always lies within.

It has also shown me the power of body language, honesty, and subtle communication that we humans so often miss.
I thank my connection with animals, and a slightly unconventional upbringing, for the awareness of energetic authenticity. You can't lie about who you are to an animal, they sense it, what we don't so much realise, is that people do too. We must live in integrity with our values and dreams to truly harness our power!
I have dedicated the past 10 years to learning about the human mind and body, studying and practising personal training, life coaching, The Pillar Code, telling authentic stories through marketing and most recently, studying nutrition.
Having built a life of freedom, wellness and service, I combine my skills, along with the insight that comes with years of travel, to find myself with a collection of tools I use with the purpose of helping you find the confidence to be truly authentic, grow and nourish your self worth and be proud to tell your story.


Diploma in Life Coaching & Neurolinguistic Programming 

Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Certificate III & IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)

Certificate III in Micro Business Operations

Certificate IV in Nutrition (currently studying)